Birmingham Common wealth to Embrace T20 Women’s Cricket: A Celebration in Its True Essence!

women's cricket

Long gone are the days when women were merely confined within the boundaries of their home and had to bear the burden of patriarchy. Women cricket, which was once a victim of disparaging remarks and had to battle for building up a name in the realm of sports has now entered a colossal stage in world games.

Women Cricket has made a stupendous entry into the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth games to be hosted by Birmingham, England. With this inclusion, Cricket marks its return to the games after a long 24 years of interlude.

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games is set to be the principal major event that is going to include multi-sports. It consists of a greater number of ladies than men’s decoration occasions after three games namely, Women’s Twenty20 cricket, beach volleyball, and Para-table tennis were added to the list. 

This inclusion of ladies’ T20 for the Commonwealth Games will exhibit that the game of cricket is dynamic and with a lot of scope for self and team development.

In an announcement made by the ICC, Cricket’s arrival to the CWG is a major step-up for women’s cricket and the worldwide cricket fraternity.

Facts and Figures:

  • In 1998, The Commonwealth Games at Kuala Lumpur saw the incorporation of men’s cricket which was played in the 50 over configuration in which South Africa emerged as the winning team. The 2022 games will span from 27th July to 7 August and more than 4500 competitors will come forth to mark their participation in these games. 
  • This communal offer by ICC and the England and Wales cricket board to embrace women’s Twenty20 in the upcoming games has just pulled in gestures of recognition and gratefulness. This move is appropriately merited. 
  • Eight groups will play at Edgbaston and will be leaving behind the mark of their strides to create a history in this magnanimous event. It is indeed a much-anticipated dream, a goal, an insurgency, a stage towards higher calibre and demonstrable skill.
  • In this mega event of CWG 2022, there are at present 135 women’s medal events included, contrasted with 133 for men. 

As per the statement given by White Fern’s Captain, Amy Satterthwaite

“To uncover the arena of women’s game to a phenomenal crowd in such a prestigious event of Commonwealth games is an immense lift during a period of genuine force and indicates a strategic upliftment.” 

Women’s cricket is on the runway of consistent development and recognition. It’s not merely about its structure, pay scale, and facilities, but the actual struggle has always been about getting it acknowledged around the globe. The focus must be on giving the same importance as the men’s cricket with an equal touch of professionalism.  Besides, this progression by the ICC and the ECB is earth-shattering and incredible! 

Amy Satterthwaite further included that getting the chance to play against nations that they don’t typically contend with, will be special. It is beneficial for the development of the game and will certainly add to the progress chart of Women’s Cricket. For those who do not know, The New Zealand Women’s National Cricket Team is also known as the White Ferns. 

Well to put it together, this move is going to give a boost to the career chart of the globally recognized cricketers.  Also, it will provide the fundamental platform and an astonishing learning experience for the young and talented pool of cricketers.