Is Cricket Equal for both Men’s and Women’s Team?

Cricket Team

A comparison such as this might not be easy to make as these are two completely different categories we’re talking about. We might be able to utilize their performance on common events as a reasonable measurement. However, these competitions are a one-time thing, and the elimination process in the forward levels doesn’t always guarantee the most promising team going ahead. The other method of comparison between the two groups would be by correlating their win percent even though that doesn’t give an accurate measure of a team’s performance. Also, as the Indian women team had a fantastic victory, their comparison with the men’s team is still unclear.

Any animosity existing in the world of women’s cricket has been kept under wraps because of sufficient and efficient reporting of events. However, a few extraordinary tales always make their way to the light. There are several incidences of defamatory conduct as well. The alleged abuse of Mithali Raj while a game was going on against arch-rivals Pakistan. Demerit points earned by Megan Schutt because of her harsh words in the 2017 tournaments. Be as they may, such incidences are there in the wind, and the probability of most of these coming to the limelight and turning into a controversy are less than that of the men’s team. Countries like England, New Zealand, etc. wherein women’s teams have made a mark of their own have a lot in common with the Australian team. As the patterns of this game evolve, instances of tales that talk of a shared intention to thrive by advancing the game are more widespread than the adverse incidents that act as drawbacks.

Now take the incidence of Women’s World Cup tournament in 2013 where the Pakistan women’s team had to be placed in Cuttack after receiving several warnings from several political and religious groups. They had to be moved out from Mumbai due to such resistance. There were actual incidences as well, where the New Zealand women team welcomed the Pakistani side to their dressing room, making them feel more comfortable and welcome in the World Cup environment. There were instances where the Irish team had invited the Australian women’s team to a united practice session where the captains and coaches exchanges pleasantries after the training. Stereotypical news portraying women as more emotionally driven, less assertive and insufficiently active comparatively to the men might have prejudiced people’s minds regarding their capabilities to survive in the competition of the game. This kind of opinion is not only unfair but also propagates backward thinking. But the sad part is that this kind of reflection is the reality for the majority of spectators and peers alike.

After the Women’s Cricket Team of India began their play with flying colors in the T20 Women’s World Cup, the impending issue always raises its head that if they are indeed more proficient than the men’s team. This issue doesn’t fuel the age-old battle of mettle between men and women. It only puts a light on the fact that whether the women’s team in comparison to the performance of the men’s cricket team is better when it comes to the play itself.