Simple Yet Fun Ways to Make Your Kitchen Countertop Stand Out

white granite countertop

Whether you have a cosy, minimalist, elegant, industrial or durable kitchen, the worktop is indeed a focal point of your cooking space. So, you need to choose the right countertop material and layout to make them stand out.

When we talk about the kitchen, we certainly cannot neglect countertop. It is undoubtedly your centre stage to create different meals for your loved ones. Your kitchen worktop is the first thing that you step into and also sets a certain mood as soon as you enter your cooking space. You may choose the best of granite worktops in the UK for your kitchen but you can only make it stand out with your own aesthetic vision.

If you’re out of ideas, here are some simple yet effective ways to help you make your countertop stand out without compromising its functionality.

1. Keep the countertop clutter and stain-free

It is no secret that stain and clutter-free countertops catch the attention of viewers. You can easily make your worktop stand out by keeping it spotless and clean soon after you’re done preparing your meal. Don’t leave the clutter to be cleaned at night before bedtime. You have to wipe off the spills immediately to prevent staining and also to ensure that your countertop sustains its spark for a long time. Also, make it a habit to keep your countertops well-organised by keeping all the items at the right place. Properly arrange worktops instantly look appealing to the eyes.

2. Centrepieces

Why just keep centrepieces for your living room? You can even incorporate them into your kitchen. If you have a large countertop, you can deck it up with flower arrangements or practical centrepieces like a fruit basket.

The perfect centrepiece is something that’s high-quality and also fits your budget. You can even place planters with real plants to add a touch of greenery to your kitchen. Plants look stunning on white granite worktops. Moreover, they give a lively and unique touch to your kitchen.

If you are more of a practical person, you can grow some useful kitchen plants like Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Spider Plant, etc. While Aloe Vera has many skin benefits, the other two plants are good for indoor air purification.

3. Mosaic countertops

You may even decide to refurbish your countertop by adding a stunning mosaic pattern. You can create a bold statement using mosaic mix-and-match tiles. Otherwise, you can pick monochromatic tiles to match the color scheme of your kitchen. Other good options are water jet tiles, ornamenta tiles, terracotta bricks, and natural stone subway tiles.

4. Changing the complete countertop

If money is not a big concern, you may change the entire countertop to give it a fabulous makeover. Granite worktops direct, tough expensive, are very elegant and classy. This material is perfect to give a subtle yet elegant appeal to one’s kitchen. Besides that, you may even consider installing engineered quartz that’s well-known for its durability. Other unconventional and stylish worktop materials are wood, concrete, glass, stainless steel, etc. You can choose the material as per your personal preference and lifestyle.

5. Open Layout

Instead of closed-in kitchen layout, you may opt for the contemporary open kitchen layout. This layout is perfect for making your kitchen a part of the adjoining living room or dining room. There are so many design options available for creating this kitchen layout. The open kitchen designs are also airy and draw in more light. This layout is ideal for homeowners who wish to entertain their guests while preparing food, especially during a gathering.

6. Install Trendy LED Lights

In today’s time, energy conservation is a big trend. All thanks to the latest LED lighting technology, you can now install energy preserving lights throughout your house, including the kitchen. LED lighting fixtures come in various designs to illuminate your kitchen or set the mood during a special romantic dinner night. You can even install task lighting fixture over your stove or countertop for more visibility while cooking. The overhead fixtures are also suitable for mood lighting, navigational purpose and to get a clear view of the recipes served on the dining table. You can also adjust these LED lights at different intensity levels, using dimmers.