Most Romantic Proposal Ideas Ever


Love is a beautiful feeling and well if you are extremely lucky enough then chances are you have finally found the love of your life. If you have found your person, you definitely want to make sure you don’t lose him or her and therefore you want to make this person yours forever. You want to propose and more than that you want your girlfriend to say “Yes”, right? Well, if you’re absolutely sure that this is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, what are you waiting for?

We have a list of 10 proposal ideas that will make any girl go “awwww” and say “yes” in a heartbeat if you can implement it properly!

If she’s a dog-lover, this is your best option, trust us when we say this. Attach the ring to your dog’s collar, dress him up like he is your best man and let this little boy carry the ring to the love of your life. This will melt her heart right away, we promise!

Along with a ring, you can also send flowers to Ahmedabad to bring a larger smile on her face!

  • Propose by putting her ring in the bottom of her champagne glass at a restaurant

Yes, we know how cliche this sounds but honestly, it works! Every girl (secretly or openly) wants her partner to do something she has either watched in a movie or read in some book and this, my boy, is definitely one such thing.

  • Propose on the kiss cam during a sporting event

You have seen this in every other Hollywood series/ movie but imagine doing this for your girlfriend! Of course, this will win her heart. (But make sure you do this only when you’re sure she’s going to say yes, otherwise, there’s nothing that can save you from the embarrassment. Remember when you laughed at such a scene when it happened in some movie? )

  • Propose by having the proposal written on a slip of paper and sticking it inside of a fortune cookie

Imagine getting a note where it’s written “Will you marry me?” from inside a fortune cookie! Adorable and super cheesy, isn’t it? And well, delicious too! Just make sure you’re sitting right in front of her to see the expression on her face, it’s going to be worth all the effort!

  • Propose by calling into a radio show and asking the host/ rj to dedicate a song to your lover

The whole city will be an audience and her heart will definitely skip a beat when you do this. It’s going to be grand! Just make sure she’s listening to that particular channel at that point though, otherwise, your efforts will go down the drain young man. Oops!

  • Put the ring in her dessert

It will be the sweetest dessert of her life and the most memorable one too! Do you see what we just did there? Well, just make sure she’s eating the dessert slowly, you don’t want her to choke seriously while you’re waiting to propose, that won’t be so romantic, to be honest.

  • Up in a hot air balloon

Take her out on a romantic date in a hot air balloon and ask her the question when you’re all high up in the air, this will win her heart right away and will sweep her off her feet!

  • On a flight

Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you and while flying to your destination, plan with the cabin crews and request them to let you use the flight’s announcement system to propose to your girlfriend. You have champagne and a few hundred people to celebrate this big day at some 35,000 feet above the ground. It sounds like a dream and straight out of a movie, isn’t it?

Propose Day (8th February) is almost here so hurry up and choose a grand romantic idea to ask her the life-changing question. It’s going to be the story you both will forever talk about so make sure it’s super special and maybe something grand!

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