How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

healthy living

A healthy lifestyle is not an easy concept. People put a lot of meanings into these three words. But everyone agrees that the state of health more than half depends on how we live: what we eat, how much and how we move, what books we read and movies we watch, with what people we communicate.

How does a healthy lifestyle determined by WHO?

The World Health Organization proposes to consider healthy a lifestyle in which human health is maintained to the maximum. Health itself, according to WHO experts, is a condition in which a person feels complete physical, mental, and social well-being. That is, being healthy means not just not getting sick and not having physical disabilities. This means feeling good in the body, as well as to be in harmony with oneself, the world, and society, that is, other people.

What is included in a healthy lifestyle?

If put on the shelves, then a healthy lifestyle consists of several parts.

  • A healthy diet is one in which a person eats healthy foods and refuses junk food.
  • Physical activity.
  • Mental health (mental).
  • The absence of unhealthy habits – smoking tobacco, excessive drinking, taking drugs, and so on.
  • Mode of work and rest.
  • Behavior.

Eating healthy or healthy

The main reason why doctors recommend eating properly, many consider maintaining normal body weight. Indeed, obesity often leads to diabetes, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, liver, esophagus, gall bladder, hormonal disorders, malignant tumors, and other problems in the human body.

However, this is not the only argument in favor of good nutrition, that is, healthy.

A person receives the chemical elements that are necessary for the life of the body from food. Without food, we cannot survive the spirit of the months. To get energy, which will be enough, not too little and not too much, you need to choose the appropriate products and high-grade sources of vitamins.

If the diet is selected correctly, the risk of dying from health problems is reduced by 22%, including from cardiovascular diseases – by 22% and from cancer – by 15%. Many people believe that Kush Marijuana is the cause of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. But it’s not obvious, it’s always better to get medical advice on this perspective.

The list of products that help maintain health includes several key points.

  • Vegetable products – vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, nuts, berries, whole grains, and so on. This is the basis of PP and insurance against many diseases. Such foods contain a lot of fiber, which is vital for the human digestive system in order to remove waste products. And this is the key to well-being. In addition, plants have many vitamins and plant proteins.
  • Vegetable oils are suppliers of essential fatty acids.
  • Dairy and sour-milk products in moderation, as well as boiled and stewed potatoes.

The list of proper nutrition contains many other foods that you can eat and drink in moderation. This is white meat, coffee and cocoa, dark chocolate, eggs and so on.

Products that are not included in the list of adherents of a healthy lifestyle include red meat, including processed meat (sausage, sausages, bacon, etc.), sugary drinks, excessive salt, and french fries. All this greatly increases the risk of premature death from various causes.

Plus movement and physical education

You can notice, without even turning to medical statistics, that those who walk a lot, go in for sports and fitness, look more energetic and feel better, those who like to spend time in an armchair or a car salon.

The fact is that a person by nature is designed so that he needs to move a lot – run, jump, climb trees, walk, make movements. Two centuries ago, most people in the world worked hard physically, walked, and were noticeably healthier than their contemporaries. Technological progress made life easier, but at the same time created a huge deficit in physical activity, which is necessary for normal blood circulation, digestion, normal functioning of muscles and joints, and mental well-being too.

Now you have to think carefully about having enough physical exercise in our lives. Scientists even conduct special studies to prove to people how important this is.

Why lead a healthy life?

It seems that leading a healthy lifestyle is too difficult? Is the game worth the candle: in other words, does it take so much effort to be healthy?

Here are a few arguments in favor of fulfilling healthy lifestyle rules.

  • Healthy lifestyles can increase a person’s life expectancy, and it is time that is the most valuable thing that people have. German scientists conducted a study and proved that if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, he has a chance to live a long pleasant life – 13-17 years longer after forty years than those who do not adhere to the necessary conditions for a healthy lifestyle. US scientists said after research that the lifespan of those who lead a healthy lifestyle after fifty years increases by 12-14 years.
  • If you follow the rules, eat right and move enough, you will not be overweight. And this means that many diseases will bypass you, for example, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure.
  • The ability to have children and lead a full sexual life for as long as possible also directly depends on a person’s lifestyle. If you adhere to a balanced diet, keep your body weight normal, do not smoke or drink alcohol, carbonated drinks with caffeine, the chances of getting pregnant, carrying, and having a healthy baby are much higher in women. And in men, the risk of impotence, infertility, and various “male” diseases is markedly reduced.

How to start a healthy lifestyle?

Experts recommend not immediately sweeping at grandiose goals, but taking the first steps.

  • Buy pedometer. This device, studies have shown, helps to walk more and improve your health.
  • Take a walk, at least along the way from work.
  • Analyze the diet and mark foods that do not add health.
  • Finding a hobby for yourself is an activity that will be fun.


The importance of a healthy lifestyle in the world community began to be discussed relatively recently – in the 1970s, less than a hundred years ago. But even earlier, in the first half of the 18th century, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer noted that health is the basis of nine-tenths of our happiness. If a person is healthy, he can enjoy things, but if he is unwell, it is difficult for him to enjoy even the most refined external goods, good food, and luxurious things. All life seems to be weakening and freezing.