Indian Bloggers that are Considered to the Best for their Blogs

Future with Tech

Most of the WordPress users are bloggers who write about so many different types of things such as blogging, technology, mobile phones, etc. In today’s article, we are going to share the best Indian bloggers of India who are known for their bloggers. Hence, all the blogs in the article will be related to tech.

If you are a lover of tech, then have a look at our article. We will provide every single information about tech blogs India. Let’s get started.


Varun Krishnan is a blogger who is well known for his works. Therefore, the name of his blog is Fone Arena. In his blog, he writes about mobile phones, its launchings, electronics, phone finders, reviews and many more. His blog is considered to be one of the best mobile blogs, a thing of technology. So, if you want to know about mobile phones on a regular basis then keep updated to this site. According to the survey, he is earning around 22,000 per month.


Srinivas Tamada is again considered to be the best Indian blogger in the field of tech. the name of his top tech blogs in India is 9 lessons. He provides each and every information related to programming. Some of the topics covered by his blog are PHP, Ajax, and other web designing projects. If you want to learn about programming then you should refer to his page. He explains in simple language about every aspect of programming. Therefore, his monthly estimated salary is around 20,000.

There is also a blog named Future with Tech. This is a blog that provides all the information related to technology and its events. If you are finding such kind of blogs that provides all the information, then you can use Future with Tech. Therefore, the tone of the articles is very simple and easy that means it can be easily understood by people. Go and refer to this blog if it fulfills your needs.


Ashish Sinha is the seventh-best blogger in the list of Indian bloggers and influencers. Before, starting a blog Ashish worked for so many companies such as Yahoo, IBM, etc. After all these works he started his own blog in 2007 and gave the blog name as “Pluggd”. After some years he re-branded his blog and gave it name as Next Big What. Therefore, he is a blogger who passes all the information related to Tech, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship.

Go and refer to his blogs if you love his writings. Hence, his monthly salary is around 18,000.


Harsh Agarwal is again one of the best tech blogs in India “Shout Me Loud”. He is well known for the information provided in his articles. Harsh Agarwal is a person who writes about Tech, its events, etc. There is so much other information also provided by Harsh Agarwal in his blog. Go and check his blog to know new things about tech.


Aniruddha is again one of the best technology blogs India. The name of her blog is “Tech2 Touch”. This is a blog having all the information regarding the tips and tricks of tech, smartphones, word, excel and many more. This is the best blog that you can refer to in case you want to know about Tech. Therefore, the articles provided in his blogs are very informative and simple that means it can be easily understood by people.

These all are the best Indian bloggers that have gained names due to their efforts for their blogs.