Hairstyles you can achieve with a Flat Iron


The most commonly used and bought heat styling item is a flat iron. And rightly so because flat irons are very versatile and help you get a range of hairstyles. One of the best in the market is GHD V gold max styler which is at a great price point too.

What should you follow while using a flat iron

  • Always wash and condition your hair a few hours earlier, because your hair needs to air dry completely.
  • Apply a heat protectant serum always. It helps to save your hair damage and also makes sure your hair retains moisture.
  • Make a smaller section of your hair, so that you get the desired result and don’t keep going over your hair constantly.
  • Always use a lower heat, to avoid drying out your hair and making sure you save it from damage.
  • Do not brush your hair if it’s too hot. Let all your hair cool down and then run a brush through it.
  • Apply heat protectant even after you have finished your hairstyle. It helps your hair be saved from dirt and pollution because your cuticles are exposed

Now that you know what all you should do, let’s move on to the different kinds of hairstyles you can make with the GHD max styler.


Yup, stating the obvious but using a flat iron you can straighten your hair. We shall just leave it there!


You can achieve tight coils while using a flat iron (yes, it is possible!). Take a pencil and wrap about an inch of hair around it. Take your GHD V gold classic styler and press it on to the hair for about 10-15 seconds. Hold onto the curled section till it cools down and then leave it. Repeat this all over your hair. We know it’s tedious but what’s pretty doesn’t come easy!


Pin curl is the quintessential ‘S’ pattern curl. Take two fingers and wrap a section of your hair around it. Keep your fingers flat, not angled. Use the flat iron and put it on the curled section for 10-12 seconds. Take a pin and pin it to your head and proceed to do the same to all sections of your hair.


Classic curls are a nice way for you to go enjoy your dinner date or even just a night out with your friends. Its fun, fast and stays for longer. Take 1-inch sections of your hair and using the GHD V gold styler put your hair in between the plates, rotate the flat iron 180 degrees, letting your hair wrap around the iron. Slowly and gently pull it down and make sure you have the heat setting on a minimum so as to not damage your hair.


This is probably the easiest hairstyle you can do with the flat iron. As always stick to 1-inch sections of your hair, minimizes damage and evenly distribute heat. Take your flat iron and as you go down, make semi-circles of your hair around the barrel of your iron and pull it. Keep doing this in up and down motion till you reach the end.


Yup, you do not need a hairdryer for the blow-dried look, that flat iron is perfectly good for it. Also known as the tucked under look. Using your iron, as you go down, tuck your flat iron inwards, that is towards yourself and pull it downwards.


In this method, you can get a lot of volume in your curls. First, straighten your hair and while it is hot, use your fingers to curl it and pin it on your head. Leave this to cool down and then open it up

Flat irons are versatile and help you achieve your look without having to spend so much money on many products. So, no need to spend so much time behind buying ten different items, all you need is a flat iron, especially a GHD V gold max styler because you will get the best results and the heating options are plenty. Happy ironing!