7 Tips to Light up a Dark Basement Space


The basement area receives less natural light and it is usually dark. But, if you are planning to transform your basement area into a bedroom, then it is important to efficiently light it up.  Mostly, basements have single sources of natural light and that is a small window. It is very difficult to light up your basement area. You can take the help of an electrician Central Coast NSW in your area to brighten up your dark basement. Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help you to improve and multiply illumination in your basement area:

1. Do Not Use Old Incandescent Bulbs

The old-style incandescent lamp can create a depressing atmosphere in your basement section. The single incandescent lamp in the basement room will make it more sank and create a claustrophobic effect. If your basement has this kind of bulb, then it is required to change this bulb.

You should choose the lighting fixtures that are not too bright or too soft. Ask an experienced electrician like an emergency electrician Central Coast who can help you to choose the right lighting fixtures for your basement. Imagine white fluorescent tubes in your basement, it will create an ambiance like a morgue room. You should choose those lighting fixtures that can capable to provide enough brightness and eliminate lurking shadows.

2. Use Light Drapes And Curtains

You can make your basement are private with good curtains and blind. But, there should be an easy phenomenon to pull them to allow the entrance of natural light. You can choose light and diaphanous curtains that will help you in keeping your privacy and let the sunlight move inside. These curtain or window covering will allow maximum natural light inside the room, therefore, they are perfect for your basement rooms.

3. Invest In Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and we can use this property to multiply light in your basement area. They also make your basement room look spacious and efficiently illuminated. This is all that you need in your basement section. It becomes easy to brighten up the basement room with the help of mirrors. Mirrors reflect both natural as well as artificial light, therefore, improve they help in improving lights in the room. You can try stylish mosaic mirrors for aesthetic appeal and good reflection.

4. Recessed Can Lighting

If your basement is perfectly finished and it has a suspended ceiling, then you can use recessed can lighting fixture. It is one of the great options. These lighting fixtures provide bright and focused light in any section of your basement. You can focus it on the study table because it eliminates shadow and glare. The Can lighting fixture allows you to highlight the main sections of your basement room. If these recessed Can lighting fixtures fail to work, then you should call immediately call an electrician like 24-hour electrician Central Coast for your help.

5. Try Different Lighting Fixtures

The single lighting fixture hanging in the middle of the ceiling of your basement room may not bring the desired effects. Therefore, it is not a good idea. There are different types of modern lighting fixtures that can efficiently light up the basement rooms. You should call a qualified electrician like level 2 electrician Central Coast for installing optimum lighting fixtures.

You should do experiments with small LED lighting fixtures. Install them along your width of the wall and it should be near to the ceiling. Also, use different styles of lighting fixtures along with LED for slight variation is the visual appeal. The mirrors will reflect the light and make your room beautiful. You can also try simple and stylish wall lamps. The industrial lighting fixture will also go well in your basement area. Use different styles and color cords of industrial lighting fixtures for good visual appearance.

Make sure that your light is not coming directly from ceiling fixtures. You should install it on your walls near to the ceiling. Also, invest in low lamps for additional light.

6. Remove Unwanted Walls

If your budget allows and if you are a little bit interested, then you follow this tip. If you think that your basement is too narrow and there is too dark, then you should think about breaking your wall and make your basement spacious. The bigger rooms allow the entrance of more light and also you will get a spacious room. Removing a wall is not a simple or cost-efficient solution, therefore, it is better to take the help of a professional. They can give you the right suggestions.

7. Repaint Walls With Light Color

The best way to make sure that your basement is properly illuminated is to paint your walls with light colors. The pastel shades work well and they reflect back natural and artificial lights. Also, light color walls make your room appear spacious. You can also use neutral dark colors such as grey accent colors to upgrade the aesthetics. This dark accent color will provide an effect in your basement room.