How to figure out if you’ve chosen a WRONG mattress?


A mattress forms a significant part of our daily routine and lifestyle but we tend to ignore its importance for unexplained reasons. We only get to realize its role in our life when it starts to affect our day-to-day lives due to a wrong choice of a mattress or in case we are using an old one that needs an upgrade.

In case you are too confused about whether you are using a right or a wrong mattress, here’s a checklist for you. If you have any of these troubles with your mattress, you can be sure that you have chosen a wrong mattress for yourself:

1. If you wake up exhausted

When your mattress is nicely-built and good in quality, it assures that you wake up 100 refreshed. It’ll recharge you fully, and prepare you for a perfect day that is joyful and energetic. If you get up tired or exhausted even after having enough hours of sleep, this is a clear sign that your mattress is not doing any good to you.

To add to it, if you can sleep comfortably elsewhere like on your couch or any other bed, your mattress is definitely the culprit. This solution will work fine until you buy a new better mattress or get this one replaced, in case your seller gives money-back trial opportunity for some days.

2. If you wake up with aches and pains

While we sleep, our body moves and tries fitting it you the mattress in the process. If the surface of the mattress is not designed for handling movements and gives comfort, it will cause aches and ruin your day.

In case you wake up with aches and pains in different parts of the body after you sleep on the mattress, you cannot rule out the fact that your mattress is giving you a tough time.

3. If you feel too hot or too cold in the bed

Weather in India varies with months as well as locations. For the places where residents have to go through extreme weather conditions, mattress may create issues, e.g. in super-hot or extremely-cold weather.

If you feel too hot or too cold while sleeping on the mattress and spend the majority of your time tossing and turning in the bed, your mattress is not doing justice to your sleep. A good mattress should have a breathable top layer and should not retain any body heat.

4. If you hammock in your mattress

When you sleep in your mattress, if you tend to swing down or hammock into it, your mattress is either too old and needs a replacement or has a softened core. A good mattress should be firm and be able to hold its shape.

5. If you experience unexplained allergies

Even though it is not always true but runny nose can be a sign of a mattress that absorbs allergens, dust mites, and other foreign particles. This can be when your mattress is too old or has an unsuitable fabric.

The Final Word

Mattresses decide how you will be spending your whole day. They are a very important part of our life that we ignore to notice mostly. From aches to pains and from sleepy face to tired body – you may face many issues if you won’t buy the right mattress. So, research well and buy a mattress that could assure you a happy life & a healthy body.