5 Smart Law Firm Internet Marketing Tips to Succeed in 2020


Most attorneys nowadays are looking to leverage the digital space for their benefit. Legal professionals have plans in place to promote their firms on the internet. However, they must not consider these plans as set in stone. Technical advancements and changes in the digital arena require that their promotional plan is also recalibrated. Here we are discussing some law firm internet marketing tips for lawyers to create a positive impact in 2020. These ideas will help them compare their current strategy with the ideal state. This will be helpful in identifying the gaps in their plans and the ways to plug them. A strong approach to online marketing for law firms can help them create a distinctive identity and attract more clients.

1. Know The Way Search Results Are Displayed

Search engines have become the primary resources for people looking for legal solutions. They log on to these platforms to search for topics, answers to questions, as well as lawyers and firms. Google, the most popular search engine, regularly changes the manner in which results are displayed for a query. Depending on the nature of your search, you can see paid search adverts on top followed by the local 3-pack. The organic results will be displayed after these two items. In some searches, you can see a knowledge panel on the right-hand side. For instance, if someone searches for your firm, then she may see a panel that contains data from your Google My Business Listing. Similarly, for searches that deal with a question, you can see a featured snippet that provides an accurate answer, taking the prime spot. Your promotional strategy must take into consideration all these factors and include tactics that optimize your interface for each one of them.

2. Take Steps To Improve Your Website

You may have started out with a state of the art website but you have to ensure that it still meets all quality standards. Check its loading speed and compare it to those of your competitors. Try to find out if your visitors are happy with their experience of navigating your website or not. The interface needs to be aligned with your target audience’s requirements at all times. Another vital area that needs consideration is website content. Do you update your interface’s content regularly or not? It is common to find attorneys bios describing a professional having a 15-year experience in his practice area for the past 3 years. Update your content regularly and ensure all vital details are included in it.

3. Look To Create A Strong Brand

You need to create a strong and aspirational branding strategy that impresses potential clients. Think about why should someone hire you instead of your competitors. You need to present the audience with a unique value proposition that is not offered by anyone else in your domain. Remember your unique proposition is not just a smart tagline to attract people but it must be really offered by your firm to drive good results. Create a distinctive visual identity by investing in a unique and attractive logo. Make sure this symbol is displayed on all the digital properties owned by you. This is one of the most effective law firm internet marketing tips that can prove to be very beneficial.

4. Provide Proof Of Your Expertise

In order to convince people that you really are the right choice for fulfilling their needs, you will need to provide proof of your expertise. This can be done by posting case studies on your website that explains the approach taken by you for successfully helping out a client. You must display testimonials from clients and ask them to post reviews on different platforms like your website, business listings, social media, etc. While website content informs people of your skill sets and experience, proof such as testimonials and reviews convinces them of your abilities.

5. Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy At Regular Intervals

Search engine optimization is a constant process and you need to fine-tune your SEO strategy from time to time, to improve its effectiveness. Analyze your website at regular intervals to ensure that the correct keywords are included in page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, and image alt tags. In case, you have finalized new keywords for targeting, then they must be added at the relevant places in your website’s content. Make sure the content is readable and break it into small pieces. Check the quality of your backlinks regularly and remove those that have become non-functional. In case, a new legal directory has become popular, then you must ensure that your firm is featured on the platform. Recalibrating your SEO strategy is essential for leveraging its full potential.


Promoting a legal practice in the digital space requires innovative thinking and effective implementation. The law firm internet marketing tips discussed here will help you in restructuring your strategy and getting in front of relevant audiences.