Why Nutrition is Essential for Teenager’s?

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Growth and development are at a peak in the teenage years where nutrition plays the most crucial role. It becomes the deciding factor for an individual’s future health. As per best child nutritionist recent lifestyle leading, the teenagers have been found to have an intake of added sugars and refined carbs, saturated fatty acids, salt, etc. above recommended levels whereas lot of them are low in essential nutrients like iron and calcium which is most crucial which forms the most important growth factor in the body. We are one of the leading obese countries in the world which involves more than 40 % of teenagers.

As per the best nutritionist in Chennai, the unhealthy lifestyle patterns and diet have led to an increasing number of obesity but there is also a rapid increase in Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia due to the aesthetic pressure put on girls especially. The need to look leaner and unrealistic weight targets make them deprived of the essential nutrition very much needed for their growth and health. Any form of restricted diet for teenagers leads to nutritional deficiencies and disorders. Therefore, it’s important for parents to seek guidance from a nutritionist who can help the teenager take in just exactly the amount he/she needs for their growth and development maintaining holistic health and also stay fit.

During puberty, young people undergo growth and change rapidly; therefore, they require an increased intake of calories and nutrients to compensate for these physical changes happening. While most of the nutrient requirements are similar to those of other age groups, there are certain nutrients that play an essential role during this development and thereby have a different and higher recommendation for teenagers like Calcium and Iron. But not to undermine the fact that though they have an increased requirement but overdoing might lead them to an overweight or obese individual.

We cannot ignore the importance of physical activity for growing teens at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily in the form of sports, recreational activities, exercise, yoga, etc should be essentially incorporated.

There are certain nutrients of concern that should be taken care of. Starting with Iron, Iron requirements elevate during this growth period for both the genders but especially for girls who start menstruating and to compensate for the blood loss, their intake is much higher than the boys like recommendation for teenage girls are 14.8 mg of iron per day while boys of the same age need 11.3 mg of iron per day.

Also for the very same fact, girls also need to monitor their menstrual flow since girls with heavy menstrual losses need much higher iron intake. Talking about Iron intake most of us forget about the types of iron that we take in and its absorption i.e. iron from meat sources are heme iron and iron from nonmeat sources are non-haemeiron. It’s better to get both combinations of iron in the meal and combining it with vitamin C rich sources like orange, lemon, citrus fruits, and vegetables, etc enables its absorption in the body effectively. The importance of iron to not be understated since low iron levels can lead to its deficiency and cause anemia and which can lead to further adverse health risks and diseases. Various scientific data has shown an alarming concern of iron deficiency in teenage girls. It is thus essential to incorporate nutrient intake as per dietary recommendations.

Another nutrient of concern is Calcium, as we know there is a rapid increase in bone mass and density of teenagers which is going to be a preventing factor of diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. One can deposit calcium in this age life cycle so we need to make maximum use of it as to have lesser risks and health issues. Thus, this growing period requires an enhanced demand for calcium for growth and development. Recommendations for boys are 1000 mg per day while for girls its 800 mg per day. Incorporating calcium-rich sources like dairy and dairy products, amaranth, etc will provide you with daily dietary intake.

Apart from this, it’s essential for a teenager to ensure wholesome dietary intake and incorporate all nutrients in their diet to achieve bets of their health and prevent future risk of various metabolic disorders, diseases, etc.

Like above, Low intake of Vitamin A, zinc and iodine is also a major concern in teenagers that are leading to increased thyroid disorders and various health implications. Monitoring daily recommended intake with the help of a nutritionist through diet is crucial and would know it more to help you with your toddler’s health.

Macro nutrient intake is also of crucial importance as a healthy dietary fat intake should not exceed 30 % of total calories. In this growing stage, it’s important to include high biological protein sources like eggs, meat, etc to support muscle development and growth states the best nutritionist in Delhi. Healthy fats like omega 3 sources like walnuts, flaxseed, etc will not only help in physical growth but also mental health and development.

The importance of Hydration must be taught to kids since childhood to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and flush out toxins from the body and keep the body at its natural statue of Dehydration. After all, Osmotic balance forms the important mechanism of the body that might get hampered if the proper fluid intake and electrolytes are not ensured.