Extraordinary! Benefits of Massage for Body Health

Benefits of body massage

Massage is a traditional treatment method that has been used in ancient times until now, as this method is very effective for the physical state of our body, which we can feel directly or gradually during the process.

The following benefits of massage by Brookstone rock and recline chair for the health of our body, among others;

  1. The immediate benefits that we get the healing effect after completing the massage process, namely;
  • Make the body more relaxed
  • Loosen tense muscle nerves
  • Sleep more deeply
  • Blood circulation
  • Relieves headaches, migraines
  • Relieve stress
  • Eliminates aches and pains in the body
  1. Benefits that we get gradually for health, namely;
  • Strengthens immunity for the body
  • For patients with sprained ankles, it will take more time to heal than a regular massage.
  • For patients, the lumbar region/waist will also require a gradual time
  • Healing stiff dying muscles such as stiff arms, neck, and ankles that cannot rotate will take longer and gradually for the healing process.

In addition to this step, all traditional massages have no side effects, compared to chemical medicine drugs, and this is one of the benefits of massage.

Traditional medicine and massages if appropriate treatment achieves optimal results. Also good and reliable. We are wise to choose the treatment that suits our body.

Benefits of scrubs for the beauty of body skin

Benefits of scrubs for the beauty of body skin

Men should also take care of their skin from time to time with a scrub/scrub, as there are so many benefits that we can experience with this scrub/scrub. Therefore, men are not ashamed to occasionally participate in skincare to make it cleaner and healthier, of course.

These are some benefits that we can get by regular massage in your daily routine.

Massage that put pressure on the extremities with certain techniques is now part of the lifestyle of many people around the world. More than a few feel the benefits of this activity, one of which is to create a sense of relaxation and comfort, especially when they are tired of various daily routines.

Reported by Back Pain Chairs Lab, there are things many people may not know about such as the benefits of massage. It is not only a way to relax and relieve pain, here are other reasons why massage may be the right choice.

Massage can stimulate muscle growth

Massage can increase the regeneration of muscle tissue after injury by stimulating the production of protein in cells. According to studies in the United States (USA), although members with problems cannot be massaged, you can still benefit from the muscle growth that occurs. In fact, the researchers found that although the part that was massaged was the one that was not injured, but the muscles in other parts of the problem can still grow faster.

Increase the growth of premature babies

A 2015 study found 15-minute massage therapy sessions twice a day for two weeks, which dramatically increased the weight gain, height and head size of premature babies. It also increases the number of bowel movements, so that newborns can leave the hospital faster.

The results of this study are very important, so the researchers recommend that all nurses in the NICU receive training in massage therapy techniques. All premature babies should receive this treatment.

Massage improves the quality of sleep

A relaxing massage can improve the quality of night sleep. In addition, studies show the particular benefits of massage for people of certain groups.

Among these are newborns who receive regular massages from their mothers. It has been shown to improve the quality of sleep for babies, including mothers.

Next, for autistic children, research shows how massage at bedtime for parents can improve the quality of sleep. These children generally sleep faster and do not experience anxiety at night.

Massage is a medicine

From hundreds of studies that mention the benefits of massage, research continues to grow and concludes that this activity is beneficial for those who have certain diseases. Like people with hypertension or high blood pressure, they can reduce pain during labor in women giving birth.

Massage also increases the movements of Parkinsonism patients, as well as a positive impact on lung function in children with asthma. A study also stated that a massage is a form of complementary medicine, offering many benefits unmatched for many people.