11 Awesome Non Mainstream Hollywood Movies to Watch

non mainstream hollywood movies

These amazing movies will help you take a break from the Hollywood stamps that have been imposed on your teeth, break the taste of the eternal sequel prequels, and repeat plots memorized by scriptwriters. Why they are good to watch and become a breath of fresh air? Well because of their nonmainstream movie platforms.

Finding all of the movies you want can screw you up. But many free platforms have listed them in one place together. So, if you are up for them then Soap2day would be the right platform to watch them right now:

V for Vendetta, 2006

In some future, people survived a terrible epidemic, and the old world collapsed, giving way to a new, tougher reality. In Britain, the dictator rules, and this is accompanied by all the necessary signs of the regime: denunciations, arrests, interrogations, executions, intimidation of people with pseudo-enemies, and total fear. But there is only one person who is not afraid.

Intouchables, 2011

Two losers met: one is confined to a wheelchair, but rich, and the second is healthy as a bull but poor and uneducated. And suddenly it turns out that together they form two losers turn into a very prosperous team. Incredibly kind and smart comedy, which can be watched and reviewed, charged with optimism.

The Pianist, 2002

This movie is not so much about Jews and fascists as a catastrophe film, where the catastrophe turns into everyday life when you gradually lose your position, family, friends, homeland, home, and music. In everyday intonations, the story of how the pianist Vladislav Shpilman survived in Poland, captured by the Nazis.

Song of the Sea, 2014

A stunningly drawn cartoon from Ireland and about Irish myths. After the death of the mother, the little girl finds white skin in her parental clothes, puts it on, and turns it into a seal. It turns out that she is a “village” to her mother. These are such Irish little mermaids. By the way, the director to date has released only two cartoons, and both were nominated for an Oscar.

Dogville, 2003

Lars von Trier has always been an experimenter: he made Björk jump over bridges to tap the noise of a steam locomotive, blew up the Earth, and pulled out a talking dead fox from a cylinder (if you don’t know what we are talking about, you are lucky).

But it was in Dogville that his craving for brutal minimalism reached a peak: instead of houses, walls, and fences, schemes were drawn on the floor. Instead of a dog, a silhouette. But human cruelty is real.

28 Days Later, 2002

You are lucky, you woke up from a coma, only the rest of the world was plunged into some kind of nightmare. The first person you met is trying to dine with you. But then gradually you realize that zombies are, of course, unpleasant, but quite predictable. But people who want to survive are a real danger. Director Danny Boyle created a very atmospheric film in empty London.

The Second Life of Uwe

A grouchy pensioner in a cottage village considers everyone an idiot, not distinguishing between gender, nationality, and social status. And at the same time, he is ready to help absolutely everyone without distinction. This is a special kind of love of peace and kindness, the main purpose of which is to make everyone live well. And the film itself is the same – gloomy, funny, and touching to tears.

The Fool, 2014

Just a plumber hero who cares. One day he discovers that a residential nine-story building is about to collapse, and no one is in a dream or spirit. The bill goes by the clock and 820 people are threatened with life, and our Jason Bourne runs around looking for at least someone who will start the evacuation, and they shout to him – a fool, what is the fuss about, do you need most? Then they threaten, then they want to kill, but he still does not want to calm down.


Terrible customs prevail in a closed country school for boys. It seems that every inhabitant of this place is called upon to prove a simple thought: hatred gives rise to hatred. Boys cripple educators, and educators tyrannize boys. But once the good overseer Clement Mathieu comes up with a happy thought – to organize a choir.

Hunting, 2012

Just one word of a stupid girl is enough to destroy the life of a good person and turn everyone around into a pack of hounds, and merciless.

God Help the Girl, 2014

Warm and light from this film – as if returning from autumn to summer. This is the world of adolescents who have just parted with their childhood: each event is something new, grandiose for them, which urgently needs to seek an explanation, still need to find their place among people, to find their own voice and thoughts. It’s hard but still joyful.