5 Tips to Find the Best School in Gurgaon


How do you choose the right school for your child? It’s a frequently asked question by parents of 3-year olds as well as those passing from primary school. The school is just as crucial to a child’s development as his home. With the growing demands of the modern lifestyle, parents expect more than just completing the syllabus from the school.

The school should offer the right blend of curricular and extracurricular activities to its students. One also can’t ignore the importance of safety and hygiene at the school. Selecting a school that fulfills all expectations is challenging. So what expectations should you have from top schools in Gurgaon? Here are the essential characteristics you should look out for.

Characteristics of top schools in Gurgaon

Core Values of the School

Well, you looked at the infrastructure, the results, and the teachers in the Prospectus. But did you look at their motto and the school’s philosophy towards education? It’s an essential part of selecting top schools in Gurgaon. You should know the school’s inclination.

Some schools are more focused on sports than academics. You’ll find others that highlight their results more than anything else.

All the schools in Gurgaon will claim to be the best. But you should choose the one that suits your ambitions for your child. You can find schools that would focus on arts, drawing, etc. too. Just look at the prospectus and school website closely.

Student-Teacher Ratio

This indeed is one of the critical aspects you should be looking at while selecting schools in Gurgaon. A lower student-teacher ratio means the teachers can focus on a small number of students. You would want the teacher to pay your child the attention he deserves.

But if she has to take care of more than 60 children at once, she’ll likely ignore a few. Your child will also be able to reach out easily and get his doubts cleared by the teacher.

Modern teaching technologies

The blackboard and chalk days will probably be staying here forever. But that doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t make use of the technology available. Ensure your school has a Smart class installed. It will help your child learn through realistic images, videos, and get a more rounded learning experience.

Similarly, the school should have a modern computer lab. No matter what profession your child chooses, he should have good command over the computer. It’s no more a luxury but a necessity to be good at computers.

Focus on extracurricular activities

The rising demands of the 21st century mean your child should learn more than one skill to thrive. The school should encourage arts like music, drawing, singing, dancing, yoga, etc. They should also offer proper sports facilities and health training.

Taking part in these activities enhances the competitive spirit in your child. Extracurricular activities are essential for brain development. And who knows, your child might develop interest and grow up to become a famous artist or spokesperson! The school, thus, must have a holistic view of education and offer an array of extracurricular activities.

Proper communication with parents

A child’s development should be a collaboration between the school and home. What he learns at both these places should be synchronized. The school should frequently communicate with the parents and update them on their child’s progress.

Check how frequently the school arranges for Parents Teacher Meetings. They should also update you on your child’s activities through online portals or the school website.

Apart from these characteristics, take a round of the school to check for hygiene and safety measures. The school must have severe intolerance against racism, prejudices, and violence. Your child should learn moral values like tolerance, plurality, and compassion in a healthy learning environment at his school.