Life of Ximena Saenz – Age, Career, and Personal Journey

Ximena Saenz Age

Ximena Saenz has quickly become a big deal on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram. She makes exciting content that a lot of people really like. As she gets more and more popular, many of her fans want to know more about where she came from, her personal life, and how she started her career. In this article, you will get to know about Ximena Saenz age, her background, her career, and her accomplishments.

Early Life

Born on May 16, 2004, in Mexico, Ximena Saenz relocated to Miami, Florida, where she currently resides. Ximena Saenz age is 20 years as of June 2024. She holds dual nationality as a Mexican-American and belongs to the Latina ethnicity.

Ximena’s early years were marked by her keen interest in social media, which eventually became her career path. Her birth name is Ximena Villanueva, but she is popularly known by her online pseudonym, Saenz.

Physical Appearance

Ximena Saenz stands at approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) and weighs 123 pounds (56 kilograms).

She has brown hair and brown eyes, with a chest measuring 32 inches, a waist circumference of 28 inches, and a hip circumference of 32 inches. Her distinctive appearance is easily recognizable.


Saenz gained prominence as a social media influencer, skyrocketing to fame on TikTok by sharing captivating lip-syncs and mesmerizing dance performances starting from 2021.

Her initial video upload marked the inception of her digital journey. At present, her TikTok presence boasts over 143 thousand dedicated followers.

Simultaneously, her Instagram fame flourishes with a substantial following of 432 thousand enthusiasts, where she predominantly showcases her striking swimsuit-clad photos.

Besides, Saenz actively engages with her audience on Twitter and offers exclusive content to her fans for a fee.

Additionally, she ventured into YouTube, launching her self-titled channel on July 12, 2022, primarily featuring her TikTok content.


Ximena Saenz is currently not dating anyone; she’s focusing all her energy on her career in social media.

Social Media


Ximena Saenz is known by her handle @ximenaaasaenzzz on TikTok and has amassed a staggering following of over 2.4 million dedicated fans.

Her captivating content has garnered an impressive 81.5 million likes, a testament to her widespread popularity and influence on the platform.

With 2.4 million followers eagerly awaiting her next post, Ximena Saenz continues to captivate audiences with her engaging videos.

She also has a 2nd account @ximenasaenz4 having 980.2 K followers and 24.7 million likes. Her 3rd account on TikTok goes by the name @ ximenasaenzav having 963. 8 K followers and 2.6 million likes.


On Instagram, Ximena goes by @ximena.saenzz. The 20 year old continues to captivate her audience with stunning photos and lifestyle content.

With 506,000 followers and counting, Ximena’s Instagram profile serves as a hub for her vibrant and engaging content.

Through 39 captivating posts, she offers her audience a glimpse into her life, adventures, and interests.


On her Twitter account, where she goes by @ximevs_, Ximena has quickly amassed a following of 66.5K followers since joining in November 2023.

With just 12 accounts followed, she maintains an exclusive feed curated to reflect her interests and personality.


Ximena has an OnlyFans account @isnotmena, where she shares explicit and exclusive content for her subscribers. Despite Ximena Saenz age, she has grown a significant following on OnlyFans.


Ximena also has a presence on Patreon, @Ximena Saenz where she posts exclusive content for her subscribers.


On Snapchat, Ximena Saenz, known by the username ximevs04, shares exclusive content and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a lifestyle influencer.

With 341k subscribers, her Snapchat account offers a unique opportunity for fans to get closer to their favorite influencer and experience her world in real-time.

Net Worth

Ximena is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100,000 to $1 million. Her main source of income is derived from brand endorsements, sponsored posts, and exclusive content provided to her followers. Ximena Saenz age says there is no right age to make independence and glow in life.

Her popularity on TikTok and Instagram plays a significant role in her financial success, and she continues to explore new opportunities to expand her reach.

Future Prospects

Ximena Saenz shows no signs of slowing down. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her craft ensure that she remains a relevant and inspiring figure for her fans.

Thanks to her hard work and commitment, Ximena is on track to reach even higher goals in the future.

Her plans include expanding her presence on YouTube, collaborating with more brands, and potentially venturing into new areas such as fashion and beauty.

Ximena’s diverse interests and talents make her a versatile influencer, capable of adapting to various trends and audiences.


Ximena Saenz age is only 20, but she’s already doing great in her social media career. Her age shows just how mature and dedicated she is, as she reaches millions of people online. With her fun personality and cool posts, Ximena will likely be a big name in social media for a long time.