Riley Reid Net Worth As A Former Actress

Riley Reid Net Worth
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Riley Reid net worth must have mounted to a huge sum for her to stop appearing in adult films. She announced her retirement after 13 years of working in the adult industry. The 32-year-old began her journey into the explicit world of the entertainment industry at just 19 years. She is known for her adult roles with male actors who play the roles of her love interest.

When Did Riley Start Acting?

Riley Reid
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Riley’s first role as an adult star began in 2010, and she has filmed several content since then. She is so popular that she was even inducted in 2021. Furthermore, Riley got many awards for her portrayal of her roles.

Riley Reid Net Worth

Riley Reid net worth is in six figures. As one of the highest-paid OnlyFans members, Riley’s bank account has been smiling for years. Her fans are over a thousand, and they pay a lot of money to subscribe to her posts. She made a monthly figure of six zeros just from subscriptions. This excludes her fees from influencing deals paid to her by brands to market their products. Other ways she makes money are through guest shows and social media guest appearances.

Riley’s Earnings from other sources

Riley Reid net worth has put her in the multimillionaire category. Her massive earnings are around 19 million dollars, and most of them came from OnlyFans. She charges 25,000 dollars on her platform daily. Although, she pays the OnlyFans part of the money for using the site. Not only that, Riley has her own video streaming site where she sells her adult movies for 35 dollars per one. The website alone generated two million annually for her, and she also owns a production firm. In addition, Riley has been featured in videos on other websites and gets annual royalties of up to 800,000 dollars from them.

Earning More Than Others

Riley is quite lucky, though, as others in the same circle don’t earn as much as her. One of her colleagues shared she got little remuneration from her videos because she only made over one thousand dollars per scene. The person who made this comment is a very popular adult actress, yet her popularity didn’t reflect her bank balance.

Change of Career

Despite earning so much money, fans didn’t expect Riley to stop what she was doing. But the star did just that, she didn’t want to continue her current career path.

Why The Career Change?

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In 2021, Riley was a guest on a popular podcast that interviews celebrities about the dark side of their jobs. During the interview, Riley was asked about the difficulties she has encountered in her career. According to Riley, she has faced various challenges, the prominent one being her love life. Riley revealed that she found it hard to find a potential partner, not to talk of a stable one. Most of the men she met sometimes misunderstood her personality and character. They expected something else, like extreme vulgarity and indecent behavior. It was especially difficult for her as her fame grew, as nearly every man she met has heard of her.

As a result, Riley had a hard time changing their first impression of her. She just wanted them to see her as Ashley, instead of Riley. This is because Riley is her stage name and online persona, while Ashley is her real identity.

Looking For Love

In her quest to find love, Riley had an epiphany. She confessed in the interview she was looking for love. However, to find love, she must lose her career. When Riley discovered that love and her career were incompatible, she made the decision to quit. There was no way to find a stable and respectable relationship based on her profession. She felt so lonely, that she craved to have a connection with another soul who would care about her.


Riley’s origins, like her parents and siblings’ information, are unknown. This is also the same for her educational background and previous work experience. You can only find details about her marital life and child on the internet.

Personal Details

Born in the United States, Riley has a rich personal life. In 2021, she got married to Pasha Petkuns, a Latvia free runner. They were joined together in an intimate ceremony in California, United States. Their union is blessed with Emma, who is currently two years old.

Emma’s Relationship With Her Husband

Reid Riley husband
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Riley and her husband share an amazing bond, something she never fails to show on her social media. For instance, she once praised her husband as a loving and kind person. Contrary to public expectations, Riley and her husband are still married and very much in love.


In summary, Riley Reid net worth mostly comes from her job as an adult star. Even though she has left that profession, many people still remember her as an adult content creator. Nevertheless, Riley has strived to change the public’s perception of her image. She is now into other things in the entertainment industry. When not doing podcast interviews, you can find Riley in studios, taking photoshoots for brands.