Website Design Trends for 2020

design trends

Website design trends are continuously shifting. Designers are all up to experiments and new techniques. Making websites more edgy and unique. Yet some timeless designs are just not ready to go away yet such as minimalism and color flat illustrations.

What makes website design so important? It is the power it possesses to bring your customers and make your brand in the digital world. A great website would covey to your customer your brand message and engage your customer. It will be easy to navigate on and will guarantee you more potential leads.

When designing your website you must keep in mind your target audience. In this way, you can stay relevant with your content and designs and also connect with customers at a deeper level. You also need to consider what is in and is raging this year.

To make most of your website here are a few trends you can incorporate in web design this year.

Dark mode

Dark designs are going to be very in this year. Dark mode allows greater contrast with other colors, making your design elements stand out more. It also helps reduce strain on the eyes, making it a great choice.

Not only this, but it also looks very modern and chic. They are also a better option for OLED screens, making screen life longer and saving power. It fits the overall darky moody palette of 2020.

Add a little imperfection

Flaws are a part of our personality, giving us depth and character. Using hand-drawn design elements as a more humane touch to your website. Users crave a little personalization when connecting with a brand.

Give your website the heart and soul of your brand by adding some raw hand-drawn designs and illustrations.

Realistic 3D

3D visuals bring excitement and delight to your website. With the latest innovation in technology, 3D visualization is reaching a whole other level. It gives your website a much more realistic vibe. For example, a custom real estate website design could use 3D visualization when showing properties instead of just adding images, giving their customers a more realistic experience.

VR still hasn’t become mainstream and cost-effective which makes it the prime time for 3D to provide a realistic experience covering the whole screen, giving your customers a memorable experience. A customer is more likely to spend more time on your website if it has an interactive 3D design, breaking boundaries between the real and digital world.

turned on MacBook Pro beside gray mug

Soft shadows and floating elements

These elements of design help add depth to your website. If you feel 3D visualization is a bit too much and want to tone it down then soft shadows and floating elements are a great way to bring some sophistication and aesthetic to your website.

You don’t want your design looking flat. Floating elements help make it feel more lightweight while giving it depth at the same time.


You can just take plain simple shapes like circle, square and tell a whole tale. To be able to do this you need someone with good design knowledge and skill. It makes your website look really edgy with simplistic designs.

This trend is bound to remain in this, so make the most of it while designing the look of your website.

White space

The web is getting over the full bleed layouts. Designers are preferring solid structures and playing with white space. It gives them a blank canvas to play with their designs giving them a chance to pop out. This gives the overall website design clarity and stability.

White frames serve as the perfect background for other visuals to stand out. It brings structure and sequence to your designs.

Illuminating color palette

Futuristic color schemes are very in trend this year. Look to add a little edge to your website by using glow elements in your design. You can use glow-in-the-dark neon designs against a dark background making them stand out and giving luminosity to your website.

Adding neon pops of color here and there can make the user’s eyes focus on the website, stopping their attention from deviating. This makes your visuals more dynamic and interesting to the eye.

Simpler navigation

With emerging smartwatches and other devices, web design is focusing on smaller and clearer. This is especially true when it comes to navigation on your website. Easier navigation leads to easier usability.

A user is to stay on-site longer and actually focus more on its content. Try to use less text and more visual content in the form of images and videos taking up much of the screen space.


2020 is all about loud and bold designs. Visuals that stand out and engage the users. It is all about making things simpler but more realistic. Create your website design keeping these trends in mind to make it stand out in the world of internet.