Tips to Make Use of Venue Space for the Small Guest Count


Is your corporate or consumer event around the corner? Have you decided on a venue for your event but are feeling troubled with managing its size according to guest count? If the venue space is large and the audience is small, there are some tips that may come in handy for you to incorporate.

This article aims to provide you with the essential tips which may make your large space appropriate to small audience event needs.

5 tips for managing large venue space for a small audience

Managing a large space when you are expecting a small audience count is trouble when it comes to event venue décor and arrangements. When you read these tips, make sure you seek professional event planners. Businesses in the UAE most seek professionals for implementation of out of the box event ideas. Your next event is located there, can benefit from one of the event companies in Dubai by executing adequate venue spacing.

The essential tips are as follows:

Cluster the seating space

While it will be illogical to try and cover the whole venue space, focus on the seating. Make the seating close for all the audience members. Since you are expecting fewer people, it is easier to enable an intimate environment where people will be seated near to each other. Thus cluster the tables near to each other.

Use inefficient space tables

Usually, in event venue management, experts go for space-efficient table sizing and placement. The primary aim in those cases is to use less space and utilize it for the maximum amount of people. But when you have a large space, and audience count is small, you can go for space inefficient seating arrangement. Use bold alternative table shapes and sizes, but this step will especially require you to seek professionals.

Direct lighting to focus on seating space

Light can be an important tool if you want to direct the attention of people entering the venue. If cluster the seating space in one part of the large space, and light that limited space with a spotlight, and keep the peripheries relatively dark, you will be able to draw the eyes toward the seating cluster. The dark peripheries and well-lit core will help define the seating space for you.

Additional isles in theatre seating

If your event is majorly revolving around stage performances and talks, you want to form theater or classroom like seating plan. In such a case, you have a wide variety of options to use the maximum amount of space. You can increase the number of aisles and widen the gaps in between the rows and columns of seats.

Use existing event furniture

Another important way to utilize space efficiently is to use existing furniture. You can opt for a bar, buffet table. You may want to surround the whole cluster of seating tables with drinks and beverage tables. You may even consider shaping the seating space as a conversation lounge.

Impressive Venue spacing is important!

The venue is one of the key deciding factors for the success of any event. The way you have managed the spacing, and decoration makes all the difference in the first impression of your event for the audience.  It may make them feel welcomed and valued. It may give them a vibe of being too congested or way too spacious and hence intimidating.

Make sure the spacing is well adjusted according to the guest count. While you may have many ideas relevant to that, you must seek professionals from event companies in Dubai to materialize those ideas. Remember, first impressions last!