Set Your Moving Budget with This Guide

Set Your Moving Budget
Set Your Moving Budget

One of the most important things that plays a vital role in setting your moving budget is to know whether you want to move by yourself or hire professional packers and movers. Because then you will set your moving budget accordingly. You should know that moving expenses are not the same in both the moving methods. Hence, you will have plan and set your budget accordingly.

Here in this article we will discuss about setting your moving budget considering both moving methods.

Moving Budget If Hiring Moving Company

The following things will be considered to set your moving budget if you are relocating with professional moving company.

Fees or charges

A moving company will charge a fee for providing quality moving service, because this will be their profit the rest things will be just the moving expenses. So, you can add 10-20% of the overall moving expenses as movers’ fees in your budget.

Insurance charges

If moving to a long distant place then you should insure your goods. And for this you will have to pay extra to your movers or, you can hire an insurance company for this. So, you should add the insurance cost in your moving budget.

Extra services

You must know that movers are not going to do everything in the same charge as quoted. There are other services like unpacking, rearrangement of the goods, dismantling furniture, handling any bulky items, etc. that could cost you extra penny. If you want such services then be ready to pay extra to the professionals.

Packing charges

They will include the cost of packing supplies and the time taken for packing your goods so, be ready to pay packing charges as well.

Transportation cost

Transportation cost varies depending on the distance of the place from where to where you are moving. But, this barely affects packers and movers charges during a local shifting within a city.

Moving Budget If Moving Yourself

Rental truck booking cost

Moving truck rental charges depends on the type and size of the truck you have booked.

Packaging materials

If you want your goods to be delivered safely with no damages then invest on good quality packaging materials. And for this you need to have a good budget.


Insurance coverage will help to recover the loss if occurs any during the move. But, you will have to buy the insurance from a reputable insurance company.

Extra equipment rental

You would require moving equipment to pack and move your belongings and that can be hired on rent from a transport company. So, add the rental charges of these equipment in your budget.

Traveling expenses

Of course, you will have to travel to your destination as well. So, you must keep some cash for your traveling expenses as well. This also needs to be included in your moving budget.

This comprehensive list will help you to get an estimate of the moving expenses. To know the exact cost of your move consult a moving company in your city and get the price quote at free of cost. Compare it with other companies and hire the one you find the best according to your budget. Check packers and movers cost calculator for an approximate charges estimate.