10 Ways to Promote Your Business by Coated Cardboard with Some Specific Material

promote business

There are several business sectors across the globe that rely on cardboard boxes for the packaging of their manufactured goods. These boxes are highly flexible to be customized in terms of shapes, sizes, printing designs, and finishing styles. They are used in all business sectors, including the food sector, cosmetics sector, gift business sector, pharmaceuticals sector, garments and clothing accessories sector, and many others. These boxes are made with cardboard, as it is obvious by their name, which is one of the most reliable, economical, adaptable, and eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing of packaging solutions. These boxes are also 100 percent safe and easy to reuse, recycle, and decompose; that is why they are considered the best for food and non-food items alike. Customizable printing is yet another advantage of these boxes as using this facility; every consumer can get them printed according to their needs.

The most significant aspect of using some cardboard boxes to pack a product is that it helps to boosts sales and revenue of a company. On store shelves, while most of the displayed items tend to have similar appearances, one that is different from others, stands out from the rest. Let us share 10 ways to use these coated packs to promote your business;

Randomly repeat prints

Every customer wants to have a branded item. The main reason behind their buying behavior is the surety of quality no matter what. Randomly repeat prints on custom cardboard boxes, an option that quite a few customers opt for. By printing random designs on them makes them appear more branded. You can use any patterns or brand identity in terms of logo and name in different colors to show the creativity of the makers. It will help you to give a pretty unique opening experience to the customers.


Think differently

Cardboard boxes wholesale is used by almost every single company for different purposes. Some use them for storage while others use them to ship their products to the respective client. Every package requires some sort of closures to make sure that the pack item is safe for an extended period of time. Instead of using some plain or simple adhesive and tape, think differently and use custom printed tape to ensure safety closure in a different manner. You print different pieces of information on it as per your requirement. If you want to represent yourself as a more modern and innovative company, print your own QR code to facilitate your clients with different information. By creating your own QR code, you will add a touch of innovation that will attract more customers and help your company stand out from the crowd.

A good unboxing experience

The experience when someone has when they open a pack can leave a powerful impression as well. There are multiple ways to enhance the unboxing experience of the receivers. The easiest one is to typograph some greeting messages or direct referring to the client with the name printed on these cardboard packages. It will help to send a unique brand message to them that you care for them and want to build sustainable relations with them.

Personalization that is on point

Cardboard packs are widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types in the market. To stand out from the crowd, custom presentation boxes always serves the best. Several packaging vendors are offering their free of cost customization services to their clients. You can benefit yourself from their wide range of customization options to make a truly distinctive packing solution. You can change their style, size, shape to get them personalized that is on point to satisfy the demands of your customers.

Always opts for practicality

A product packaging that looks aesthetic and fulfills all the elements of branding as per need still fails to satisfy basic rules of functionality is always a minus for your business. Great product design is said to be the one that is practical and easy to use from the customers’ point of view. You can make cardboard packaging solutions more useful by making them in distinct sizes and shapes as per the requirements of a good that will be packed in them. By adding some handgrips or handles to their panels, you will facilitate every single person that comes in contact with them.

Always leave some space 

An important factor that you should keep in mind while designing items of cardboard box packaging is to always leave some space on their panels to make some room for important additions on them. You can use them for some other detailed information, promotions, or to paste some discount stickers to capture the interest of the shoppers.

Give some textural feel

One more easy way to uplift the dull image of customized cardboard boxes is to use finishes to give some textural feel to the clients. You can use a matte finish to make them look more lavish that has a smooth texture. A gloss finish will make them appear more fun-oriented that will have a silky textural feel. To make them look even more customized, use spot-UV to give a feel of different textures to add a certain touch of special quality and feel.

Choose attractive style 

In designing fantastic packaging, choosing the right box style is one of the most important steps. There are two basic purposes of packing boxes. The number is that they must protect packed products during their shipment and transportation. Secondly, they serve as the representation of a brand. There are many styles currently used by different companies. You should choose an attractive style to grab the attention of your target audience.

Roll end front tuck, roll-end tuck top, two pieces, sleeve, and roll end front tuck with dust flaps are some of the most commonly used items.

Show certifications

Another factor to consider to make attention-grabbing packs is to show certifications of the company to win the trust of your clients. You can print different standards that you need to comply with, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to show the authenticity of your company more uniquely.

Give a variety

Most of the existing companies use some standard packaging to deliver or display their sale goods. To spread your brand awareness to far off places, give a variety of items to your clients. By using biodegradable materials, you do not have to worry about the expenses as they are easy to recycle and reprocess. You can work in a batch form, which means use a certain type of packages for defined quantity, and for the next order, use new products to excite your target audience. The only thing in which you should maintain consistency in brand design. Do not change the logo, sign, or symbol; keep it in standard form while changing the packages every now and then to stay with the trend.

A key to any packaging design is excellent product research. Look around you to check your competitors in terms of their items, resources spent, etc. to find out the consumer opinion to make your manufacturing goods different and unique from others.