5 Super Simple Ways to be More Productive than you Think

Be more productive

There are times when we literally fail to do something productive. It can be a time when we’re having a vacation maybe. We get so much rest or we get so much lazy that we don’t even care to be productive anymore. All we do is just search the internet for something useless or watch something funny and have a laugh. There’s nothing productive about any of it. To be productive is to do something right at the right time. Don’t forget that you have limited time to do something. The time is always running past and you can’t get it back no matter what happens. So you need to come up with a productive mind and stop wasting time any more. Let me tell you how simple it is to do it. 

The way you prioritize things is what will decide what means more and less to you. Let’s say that you have your children to feed. Would you go out and work so you could earn for them or just sit at home and do nothing? Compare both of the situations and see what is better and what should be done. I know this situation is pretty simple and straightforward but it’s actually an example. 

There are moments in lives when you have to prioritize things quickly and they’re not as simple as this example. Say if you’ve just started your business, you might have to choose from getting product packaging boxes or wrappers. If you’ve chosen product packaging boxes for your products, then you might have to choose from two high-grade packaging companies like Dawn Printing. Getting to know the details of something will help you prioritize things properly. So make sure that your mind is awake enough to help you prioritize things. This will ultimately help you decide the best thing to do in a situation when you’re not being productive. 

  • Predict the Results and Measure Properly

Every day, we face situations in which we have to choose one from two. It’s not simple. because the nature of both tasks is the same. Let me give you an example. Would you rather start a business or be employed for a job? This is when you start to think about the inputs and outputs that both of these choices will require. Then you’ll measure the time both of these choices will consume to give you the outcome you wish for. 

There are many such things that will go into your mind if you’re being productive. Also, you need to measure what will require how much effort and give you how much happiness. Remember, you’re looking for something that will require the least amount of effort and give you the maximum amount of output. 

  • Remove The Distractions Around You

Distractions are productivity’s worst enemies. They can kill your productivity in a second and you won’t even notice that. Distractions are always extremely attractive, aren’t they? And let me tell you who your productivity’s worst enemy is – your mobile phone. Yes, probably. 

Say you’re working in the office and suddenly you thought of playing a game because you just say your phone lying in front of you. You pick it up, turn the game on, and start playing. What about work then? This was just one example of running out of your website. 

  • Don’t Focus On Multiple Tasks

Yes, don’t do that or else you’ll fail miserably. I’m serious because I’ve been through this phase as well. I used to work on freelancing and an offline startup I came up with and I succeeded in none of them. So if you’re thinking that you can focus on two tasks and succeed in both of them, then stop it. You’re not even going to get benefits from one of them. 

This is why make sure that you choose the most important and most beneficial task for yourself and then focus only on that. This will help you relax as well because there will be only one task to focus on and not two or more. 

  • Don’t Just Work – Have Some Free Time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You’ve probably heard this one in primary school, right? Well, it’s a truth that no one can deny. You can’t come up with good results if you’re working 24/7. This is a routine of the person who works really hard all the time even when his/her brain isn’t properly working. Of course, your body and brain need rest. You can’t force it to work on a single task so hard all the time. 

There must be some time to rest your body and mind. You can have a nap, increase your sleeping hours up to 7-9, watch funny videos or the videos of cuddling little cute animals, etc. When these things are added to your busy routine, you’re definitely going to get productive results. 


Being productive every day is a necessary thing but due to some reasons, a person goes down and their productivity is lost. They can’t do anything – maybe they become super lazy and are busy wasting time on social media watching memes and funny videos all the time. The most important thing that is going to help you here in becoming more productive is your own will. If you have the will to do it, then you can follow my mentioned points very passionately and get amazing outcomes for sure.