Latest Exhibition Trends to get more Visitors at your Booth


All business owners want to get a high return on investment and want to expand their reach. The exhibition is a platform where various vendors gather to sell their products and services to their potential customers. The exhibitions provide a huge opportunity for you to get more profit and expand your customer base. If you are planning to participate in an exhibition, then you have to consider various factors that can create a significant impact on trade show visitors.

To incorporate the latest technology in your booth, you can take the help of the best exhibition stand designers like exhibition stand designers UK. According to the survey, approximately 90% of people make their purchase decision on the basis of the visual appeal of your exhibition stands. That means if you want to leave a good first impression on your potential customers, then you should design attractive trade booths.


Also, you should know the latest trends in the exhibition industry so that you can beat competitors on the trade show floor:

1. Incorporate Advanced Technology

With the growing technology, exhibition trends are also changing. Nowadays, all exhibitors are incorporating the latest technology in their trade booth to create an immersive experience for their potential customers. Therefore, you should incorporate hi-fi technology in your trade booth to attract more potential customers just like in the exhibition stands UK.

The latest technology such as Artificial intelligence has the ability to grab the attention of potential customers and take their experience to the next level. There is more spell breaking technology such as beacon technology and virtual reality that can create a buzz at a trade show.

Serving refreshments by robots can help you to stand out among all competitors. Therefore, you should consider using the latest technology gadgets in your trade booth.

2. Implement Customer-Centric Method

Participation in an exhibition stand is not just about creating eye-catching trade booths. But, it is about creating an unforgettable customer experience. Taking the help of new sources is a good idea to improve the experience of the trade booth visitors.

The main objective of all exhibitors is to get more people at their booth and get more sales with more profit. Also, they want to make their brand memorable and expand the customer base. Therefore, all exhibitors must use customer-centric methods to grab the attention of visitors.

The exhibitions provide a platform where you can connect with your potential customer on an emotional level and you can build a strong relationship with them. Therefore, you should design everything is your stand in such a way that every element of your booth focus to attain your objective. You can also take the help of exhibition stand companies to build amazing booths.

You should make it clear to your potential customers that how your products or services going to help them. Why they should invest in your products or services? You should write concise, precise and appealing messages on your trade booth walls. Also, you should make use of attractive graphics to attract customers. You should give reason to the trade booth visitor why they should enter in your booth.

3. Use Multi-sensory Experiences

According to the survey, if you can create a multi-sensory experience for your trade booth visitors, then it can help you to create a long-lasting impression on your potential customers. At present, exhibition stand design not just containing visually appealing elements, but they also make good use of the sound system, good fragrance, lights, and many more to make the experience of potential customers one level high just like exhibition display stands UK.

All of us have five sensory organs, nose, eyes, tongue, skin, and ears. You should trigger all there five senses to make your booth unique and appealing as well. You can install an attractive lighting system, touch screen, play awesome background music, use room fresheners, etc to trigger all five senses of your visitors.

4. Make Use Of Social Media

You should use social media power to gather more people at your booth. The concept of social media is not new but there are various exhibitors who still do not use this platform. According to the exhibition industry experts, the next year will observe the expanded uses of social media platforms to attain the objective of the trade show.

You can use social media platforms– before, during and after the end of the trade show. By using social media you can connect with your potential customers and answer their queries spread your brand knowledge and convey your messages across the world.

You should design an amazing trade booth with the help of exhibition suppliers. After that use social media to spread brand awareness. Social media is one of the perfect ways of communication and help all exhibitors to share their valuable information all year round. Million of people are using social media platforms and you can make your trade booth more attractive to your potential customers by sharing its picture on Facebook, Instagram, etc.