Global Strategic Sourcing: Everything you Need to Know

global sourcing

If you want to do global sourcing, then there are a few questions that must be popping up in your mind like: why is global strategic sourcing crucial for your business or why you should consider this at first place for your business. Let’s figure out answers to these questions through this blog.


What is global strategic sourcing all about?

Global strategic sourcing is not a new term, it is a well-organized way to open and conclude the purchase process to all potential suppliers all across the world. If you want to implement a strategic global sourcing strategy, you can obtain effective products from any country worldwide that can create goods or offer the service at pocket-friendly prices. Effective strategic sourcing means getting the best products at the best value using an effective process that significantly reduces the cost of operation.

strategic sourcing

How does effective strategic sourcing work?

Strategic Sourcing is a business process that bifurcates third-party external spending and makes sure that scarce purchasing resources focus on the most crucial groups. Expenditure analysis is widely used to identify categories of goods in order to focus on where the greatest impact can be achieved.

Why is the world-embracing global sourcing?

If the company wants to stay in business and want to earn a profit, exploring global strategic resourcing is a must. Over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies have gone through an effective strategic supply chain initiative outside their own country. The usage of global sourcing has been the driving force behind the expansion and development of the worldwide economy.

global sourcing

In addition to this, the target countries are English where the preferred language and productivity are pretty high and where there is a big pool of well qualified prospective employees at all levels, for instance, India. Some of the more challenging locations like Brazil, China, Vietnam and the countries of the former Soviet Union are becoming increasingly attractive to various large institutions in Europe and the USA.

Top Industries Embracing Global Sourcing

The top 3 industries that have embraced global strategic sources with great success are international telecommunications services, manufacturing, and call centers. Professional service firms already work with partners in low-cost countries in engineering, procurement, and IT consulting jobs.

Embracing Global Sourcing


Material, labor, and transportation costs are comparatively lower in the developing countries than in developed countries, so all these countries are the primary hub for global strategic supply. In addition to this, significant savings in wages and employee benefits costs can also be achieved in these countries. Often, there is less government supervision and a larger pool of experienced potential workers.


There are various risks associated with these procedures: some risks are known and some are unknown. While working across different regions exposes firms to language barriers, many complex financial issues, and different cultural standards. The pitfalls stumble across the entire logistics supply chain, starting from potential long lead times to the additional costs of shipping, warehousing, and customs clearance.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Global strategic sourcing is not a new term in the global market, it has been a strategy for large companies for more than 30 years. Mid-size firms based in one country must take dives and build on this concept. It may be crucial for their survival to enhance the global competitive market. The main benefits outweigh the rewards and risks are extensive. Due to the rising popularity of this concept, many global sourcing companies have come into the picture that provides services to ensure the hasslefree procurement process throughout the entire world.