15 fun facts about funny Bumper Stickers

funny bumper sticker

Funny Bumper stickers may look like the vital way of conveying a message through funny words and characters to society. Placing a sticker on a vehicle’s bumper allows drivers to express their views to a large number of people as vehicles come across a large number of people daily by traveling one place to another.

Fun Facts

Every day we come across a large number of cars and other vehicles with funny stickers on their bumpers that express the owner’s views on specific issues or their humor. They have been utilized for multiple purposes, from brand marketing to expressing anger or joke by them. Here are some fun facts about these labels that can help you understand their diverse aspects.

No Bumpers, No Stickers

The automobiles of the early times were without bumpers as they have now. In the 1920s, automobile companies started to include bumpers as safety measures. And when it becomes an integral part of all kinds of automobiles, owners and drives started to decorate with signs and stickers. So, when there were no bumpers, no bumper stickers were there.

Bumper stickers of early ages:

Although stickers are being used for a long time, more sophisticated and bumper specified stickers appeared in 1920. They were made of paper that was easy to get damaged. The adhesive that was used in their manufacturing was gummy that made them hard to remove from the surface.

Ease of removal:

Nowadays, funny bumper stickers cleanare made of magnetic or removable vinyl, and that has made it easy to remove them any time without damages to the car bumpers in comparison to early bumper stickers that were hard to remove from the surface.


They can be collected but have not much value any more than $10-$15 for the rare ones, although people collect these stickers as a hobby.

They were not same always

Although it is a popular assumption that bumper stickers were always similar as are of the present, but it is not the reality. Indeed, the initial stickers were of flag-like signs that were attached to the cars not with adhesives but with wires and strings. With the passage of time, the industry moved to the paper stickers and then gradually to current vinyl ones.

Largest sticker collection

As per the records of The Guinness Book of World Records, Bill Heermann from Lincoln, NE, has the largest personal collection of 4131 bumper stickers. He started to collect these stickers in 1984.

They emit Gases

These vinyl made funny bumper stickers for sale emit gasses like chlorine that might harm the environment. So, for people who want to collect them, it is suggested that they should keep these vinyl stickers apart from others. And also keep them away from silver-based pictures.

Road Rage

Since funny bumper stickers for trucks and cars can express a range of messages, such as stating religious or political views, showing support for athletes, recommending a certain service or product, or expressing humor that buoyantly others will get funny. Studies have shown that aggressive driving incidents are increasing with the number of stickers a vehicle had apart from the message they might be conveying.

Political sways

Funny bumper stickers political are now extensively used for grabbing the attention of people and convincing them for respective voting candidates. Last US presidential elections provide the finest example of it as the major candidates make use of these stickers to sway people’s attention and conveying their message. Political bumper stickers play a significant role in molding voters’ views in favor of specific candidates.

Vehicle Insurance matters

These stickers are also utilized by drivers to get to know about their driving so people can make contact if drivers are making any mistakes in the driving. In this regard, many automobile companies have the back of insurance providers to ensure that drivers have “How am I driving” bumper stickers that also should have the contact number of drivers.

Vehicle Insurance matters

Express Country Origin In Europe

In the premises of Europe, these bumper stickers are used to distinguish the country origin of drivers. In this regard, every driver is required to have an oval bumper sticker that should have three-letter codes that will express their origin.

Cover bumper scratches

Many people make use of funny bumper stickers for trucks and cars not only to express their views but also to cover scratches and dents to bumpers of their vehicles. Their thicker layers help vehicles to maintain their beauty and look.

Show people behaviors

People can make an understanding of the behaviors of car drivers through the aggression level of their bumper stickers. The expressed views through these stickers help them in estimating their attitude, sense of humor, political awareness, and critical thinking. Bumper stickers for moms are the right depiction of this aspect as they express the mother’s behaviors towards kids and the environment.

Brand advertising

These stickers are considered as unique too to market products and brands. They help brands to convey their message to a large number of people. The funny characters on them make them eye-catching for people to grasp their attention for the respective brands. A lot of marketers are making use of this strategy as these stickers have a maximum reach out in society as they come across a large number of people while traveling.


Another amazing thing about these stickers is their customizability. They can be customized and designed in every possible design that people love. If one wants to get them to express his sadness, they will have sad characters and messages, or if someone desires to get funny designs and shapes, they are flexible to provide the desired aspect. They come in various materials and quality standards that determine their durability.

The described facts about funny bumper stickers can help you understand their different aspects, uses, history, and the ways in which you can make the most out of them.