Top Discraft Disc Golf Discs to Select in 2020

discraft disc

Disc golf is one of those sports anyone can play. It’s similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw Frisbee at a basket. The main goal of overall gameplay is to put a disc golf disc in a basket with a minimal amount of turns. For better disc golf gameplay, you must have the required accessories to keep the level of fun and enthusiasm alive!

If you’re new to the game, you’ll probably want to get a starter set of discs. A beginning set usually consists of a driver, a mid-range disc, and a putter. Many different companies make sets with the specific goal of easing in new players. Many professionals and experts recommend getting a Disc golf disc from Discraft. They are known for making PDGA approved Discraft Discs, baskets, and other accessories.

In this blog, let’s look at some of the most popular Discraft discs.

Discraft UltraStar Frisbee Disc


If you are looking for a perfect all-round Discraft disc, then the Discraft Ultra-Star is your best bet. This Frisbee is excellent for serious competition or casual play and is the USA championship series official disc.

This Frisbee features a perfectly shaped contoured grip and is dependably aerodynamic. It is often made from premium plastic and has a comfortable feel for any level of competition. Today, this professional Discraft disc comes in vivid colors and is the world standard for the sport of Ultimate.



Discraft Buzz Elite Z Golf Disc

Discraft Buzz Elite Z Golf Disc

When it comes to options of mid-range Discraft Disc, Discraft Buzz Elite Z Golf Disc is a perfect choice. The best part of this professional PDGA-approved disc is that it is excellent accessories for beginners and professionals to enjoy the game. Today, this disc comes in many plastic variations and is on the heavier side in many cases. Usually, it weighs around 150-177 grams. The best thing about Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Disc Golf Discs is that they are a reliable cheap option in the pro-plastic range. This disc has a smooth texture that makes it easy to grip and release. Thus if you are looking for a quick addition to your disc golf toolkit, the Discraft Buzzz Elite Z is a great answer.

Discraft Z line Vulture

Coming in a great design, the Discraft Z Line Vulture is a tremendous Discraft disc for beginners and experts alike.  Powered by aerodynamic engineering, this disc stands as great options to get you into professional disc golf gameplay. These Discraft discs are made up of elegant plastic that promotes accuracy and precision, which will help you focus on your own development instead of worrying about the quality of the disc.

Wrapping Up

If you, as a professional Disc Golfer, are looking for any perfect Disc Golf accessories, then Discraft Disc is the best one you need to find. There are various online stores available online where you can find the best disc golf accessories. You can also visit Disc Store, one of the best Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee stores in the USA to find the top-rated accessories.