Unique Marketing & Branding ideas with Custom Drinkware you can use to Funnel your Business

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You may already know by now that promotional products are all about offering unique solutions in the most effective manner. They provide you with an opportunity to advertise your brand to the customers.

Among the many options that these promotional products offer, sometimes, it gets a little daunting to finalize and incorporate the right set of products to use. Along with many useful promotional products known for their practicality and user experience, we would like to discuss briefly branding your business with custom drinkware products so that you get greatly advised before developing any significant changes in regards to your budget.

Among all the personalized items available in the market, custom drinkware is by far the most famous. Without a doubt, drinkware products sell like hotcakes and are by far the best presents out there employed by a multitude of industries around the world. When was the last time you remember you walked into a store and didn’t notice any personalized promotional items? Preferably drinkware?

The best part about advertising your brand with custom drinkware is that your brand generates a lot of impressions. Research and studies conducted by digital marketers suggest that promotional drinkware products receive an aggregate of 1,400 impressions in their entire lifetime.

These impressions are more significant than the other promotional products that gather around 200 to 300 in their lifetime. This equals to a lesser penny per impression, which is lesser than all different modes of advertising online.

Now consider this notion that everybody loves getting personalized drinkware. They love it so much that almost 80% percent of the customers alone in the United States own a branded custom drinkware, suggesting that people have them for an extended period. The numbers are staggering, indicating that people use drinkware for at least 12 months on average.

Another interesting fact about owning a branded promotional drinkware is that it is not certain towards to any specific audience. Another research indicates that 85% of the baby boomers and 72% percent of the Gen X’ers own custom drinkware products. This suggests that you don’t have to market your products to a particular audience. People from all age groups enjoy receiving personalized drinkware, so it makes it a perfect promotional item for all age groups or industries in the world.

Another interesting fact about personalized drinkware is that it is a type of promotional item that is not just useful and practical for the recipients, but as per several sources, one of the essential aspects of a promotional product.

Now that we know that customized promotional drinkware is an efficient method to get your brand noticed in the market, and based on the CPI, it is relatively easy on the budget, is appealing to the human eye, you can get it in multiple styles, and you can easily target people from all age groups with just a single product.

Keeping all the described points into consideration, let us take a gander at the varieties of custom promotional drinkware that you can select to brand and advertise your business.

1. You can personalize a wide range of sports bottles

Sports bottles are personalized promotional drinkware products available in the market. Used by athletes from different sports, you can purchase them in different styles in different designs from a wide range of materials, including glass, plastic, and even stainless steel. These bottles are not just designed for your daily excursions but work even better for the people visiting the gym, traveling, bikes, etc.

2. Your coffee containers and mugs speak a lot about your promotional endeavors

It is no secret – everybody in America loves having coffee in the morning. Well, maybe coffee is not for everyone, but a significant number of them make up for the rest that doesn’t. According to market research conducted by the Association of Coffee, 68% percent of the Americans drink at least a cup of coffee every day, and with personalized drinkware, you have got the chance to make your brand visible to your targeted audience in the market.

When we discuss a variety of coffee mugs available, don’t just think of the conventional coffee mug. You can buy from a number of coffee mug styles available that you can make into a great custom coffee mug.

3. Travel tumblers

Travel tumblers include those containers which are used instantaneously, including tumblers, travel mugs, thermoses, vacuum bottles, and even flasks. These tumblers are perfect for regular travelers who use them on a frequent basis. The Americans most widely use tumblers containing coffee as their morning beverages while they are on the go, and with your brand on them, you would be able to reach out to a broader audience.

Travel tumblers come in different materials, depending on their needs and market requirements. Some tumblers include plastic, stainless steel, and even aluminum. Depending on your preferences, you can select from insulated infusers to a standard coffee mug.