Delicious chocolate desserts to celebrate Mother’s Day

Delicious chocolate desserts to celebrate Mother’s Day

You might have Mother’s Day gift already planned but you can always treat her with something delicious to make Mother’s Day extra special for your mom. These delicious desserts will perfectly accompany your Mother’s Day plan and will make the celebration lot better. It is your mom you bake you delicious desserts for you and family but this time turn the tables and surprise her with delicious chocolate desserts. You can also order these delicious chocolate desserts online from a gift shop.

These desserts will pair best with Mother’s Day brunch or any special meal on this special day. Indulge your favorite lady’s sweet tooth with these delicious chocolate desserts and treat her sweet tooth as she is the one who raised and made all those sacrifices to make you what you are today. No matter how great you would have planned Mother’s Day these delicious chocolate desserts are sure to impress your mom.

1. Vegan Chocolate Cake

If your mom is environmentally quite conscious you must go for some vegan dessert and win her heart. And the most popular vegan cake is the chocolate cake. This vegan chocolate cakes are made with 70% or higher cocoa and fillings like raspberry jam etc are used. So basically plant based items are used to make this chocolate cake. Thus your mom will fall in love with this type of cake for Mother’s Day.

2. Mixed Chocó berry mousse

A Mousse is a great dessert option for occasions like Mother’s Day. It is simple yet its texture is just amazing. You can treat your mom with this mixed berry version of creamy dessert that is the mixture of both sweet and tart. This dessert is all sorts of happiness after a light brunch or dinner on Mother’s Day. If mousses are what your mother likes, this is ideal dessert option. Make chocolate bouquet delivery Brazil to your near and dear ones and convey your greetings to them for special occasions and festivals.

3. Heart short fill with chocolate

This dessert is not just very delicious but it looks so perfect that by looking at the dessert your mom would get so excited. You can show your love to your mom with these buttery vanilla hearts that are filled with jam or chocolate. The shortbread hearts are coated with sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar for added sweetness and so that they look even prettier and gourmet. Make Mother’s Day chocolate delivery Brazil to your mom far away from you and convey love and affection to your mother.

4. Chocolate lollipops

If your mom is a chocoholic, she is going to love this unique and fun dessert for Mother’s Day. These are decadent treats your mom will love munching on this special day. You can even decorate these chocolate lollipops with marshmallows, candies of your choice or sprinkles. These treats are not at all messy as it comes with a stick and your mom can enjoy it on the go. Make cake delivery online Brazil to your friends and relatives miles away from you to convey your wishes through sweet surprise.

5. Lavender Madeleine with white chocolate

If your mom is a big fan of French treats and you so want to take her for Parisian adventure till then you can treat her with this cake like French treat. The lavender Madeleine with white chocolate will make the perfect Mother’s Day treat for your mom. And while you are at it, you can also brew her cup of her favorite herbal tea that tastes so good with this dessert. Trust us, this treat is lot better than a traditional flower bouquet and you can also pair this dessert surprise with your Mother’s Day gift.

6. Chocolate mousse

If you are looking for a dessert that takes very little time so that you can spend more time with your mom then this is it. You have got two options either you can order chocolate dessert online or make this easy 3 ingredients chocolate mousse which hardly takes some 10 minutes and treat your mom with this chocolate mousse and add sweetness to Mother’s Day. You do not get into the hassle of making this silky smooth treat as you do not need to turn on the oven.

7. Coco lime tart

If your mother is a fitness freak and is into a gluten-free diet, this cake is a great idea to treat her for Mother’s Day as it has a gluten-free crush and no-bake filling. The gluten-free chocolate coconut crust makes this cake a true star and the no-bake cream cheese filling makes it celebratory for the occasion like Mother’s Day. You can literally make your mom’s Mother’s Day with this amazing Cocoa nutty lime tart and she will surely appreciate this dessert. You can get amazing dessert cake ideas from our online gift store and treat your loved ones with delicious dessert cake from their special day.

We hope these delicious chocolate desserts will make Mother’s Day so sweet and celebratory and make your mom so joyful.