Monday, September 25, 2023
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Factors such as the infant population, urbanization, increase in female consumers’ disposable income, and increased hygiene awareness among consumers have a positive effect on the personal care wipes market. However, the rising cost of personal care wipes, as well as skin problems caused by chemical content in wipes, are expected to limit the market’s growth. However, since the use of intimate wipes to prevent genital skin diseases is on the rise among consumers, the intimate wipes segment is poised for significant growth. The attractive packaging of personal care items, as well as product content and fragrance innovation, are influencing the global sales of personal care wipes. The market is being driven by the growing use of personal care wipes for hygiene maintenance, especially when access to water is limited. Furthermore, because of their disposable nature, the advantages of personal care wipes for infection prevention are enticing customers to purchase more personal care wipes.

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