The Truth about Trust

“Trust is the ultimate human currency.” – Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP A recent study by Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy revealed there are two things people judge you on when they first meet you. Those two things are: Can I TRUST this person? & Can I respect this person? Leaders are constantly being judged on their trustworthiness. Your ability to establish, build and maintain trust is … Continue reading The Truth about Trust

5 Steps to Build Video-Based Courses that Work

We’d seen it time after time.  The participants of the 3 day instructor-led training were bored, exhausted and couldn’t wait to leave the room when the clock struck 5PM.  We wanted to get real data, so we explored the smile sheets and the learner comments confirmed it: “Great content, but why so long?” “The Instructor was great, but it would have been nice to go through … Continue reading 5 Steps to Build Video-Based Courses that Work