How Leaders Effectively Listen To Their Team

Listening. In my humble opinion is one of the most undervalued aspects of leadership, yet most important. There’s nothing more frustrating and downright rude than talking to someone who can’t or won’t listen. Maybe you have a leader that constantly interrupts. Or have a leader who asks a question and clearly doesn’t care about your answer, they just feel they need to endure small talk for a couple of minutes before they can talk about what they want. How about the person who checks their phones or laughs at inappropriate times? What about this one, you make a point, then 5 minutes later they make the exact same point like they just thought of it. You’re sitting there thinking “Yes, I know, I JUST said that!”

If you’ve had the misfortune of working with someone like this or you’re guilty of a few of these yourself. Here’s a helpful infographic to hone those listening skills.


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