What Happens to a Leaderless Team?

What do you do when the boss is out of the office?

Studies have shown that teams require leadership. But why? What’s so important about having a leader?

Well to discover that; we looked at what happens when a team is leaderless.  Here are the top 5 things we discovered:


Decisions typically don’t get made in a timely manner or at all without a leader. Great leaders listen to the voices on their team but ultimately make swift and confident decisions.


Great leaders are excellent communicators. Without good communication teams  become disorganized, ineffective and disinterested.

Ethical Slips

Leaders build the values and behaviors of a team. Without a leader there isn’t a standard to follow and team integrity eventually erodes.


Great leaders are able to harness everyone’s energy and ability for the good of the team. Without this, teams break up into small cliques.

No Vision

Great leader have a vision of what they want to achieve. When a team is leaderless there isn’t a vision to be pursued or a collective goal to achieve.

Its simple, for teams to be efficient and effective they need leaders leading them. Would you want your favorite sports team to head into the season without a coach or the ship your on, to set sail without a captain?  Of course not.

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